Pro-Shift PS2-R Car System


The New Pro-Shift PS2-R Gearshifting System for Sequential Applications

The multiple Championship winning PS2 now incorporates the additional time adjustable Ignition Ramping "R" facility. This provides fully adjustable Ignition or Fuel Injection Ramping back on after a Flatshift to give the smoothest most vehicle friendly gearshifting yet.
Offering typical ignition cut times of around 20mS (milliseconds) which we believe to be exceptionally fast, further to this if the vehicle is fitted with a high specification after market ignition then gear specific graduated ignition or fuel injection cuts can be available.

Easily tunable to suit individual driving styles, allied to the proven Auto-Blip Downshifting output, the PS2-R electronic gearshift system is a big step forward in affordable high specification gearshifting technology.

Designed and manufactured in the UK with specific aim to offer the professional or club driver/rider all of the benefits of high tech motorsport at affordable prices.

Please read on for a little more in depth description about the electronic gearshift system and its capabilities:

The characteristics of our electronic operation are such that when initiating a gearshift the gearshift actuator delivers a rising power curve from its rest position, this is ideally suited to dog gearbox gearshifting because it is mechanically sympathetic and by its nature achieves compliance with the gears whilst gearshifting, this gives the highly desirable benefit of prolonging gearbox life. The nature of a solenoid actuated gearshifting system is that they exhibit built in safety features, for example if the downshift paddle is pulled whilst accelerating the PS2-R System will not downshift as the initial low power gearshift start up would not pull an engaged gearbox "dog" out of gear whilst loaded.
The system's electronic operation provides inherent reliability and with relatively simple installation it is ideally suited to racing vehicle applications, a critical advantage it holds over air systems is that it does not produce water when used and is therefore virtually maintenance free.

With regard to downshifting, the Pro-Shift PS2-R Gearshift Control Unit (GCU) also features a time adjustable downshift "blipper" output along with a downshift delay timer, if used in conjunction with either of our downshift "auto-blippers", this will allow seamless clutchless downshifting that can be fine tuned to suit any engine/gearbox combination, throttle openings are easily adjustable to match differing downshifting requirements.



These are fully compatible with the PS2-R electronic gearshift system.
Made from the highest quality materials, the Pro-Shift logo engraved body is designed to fit on almost every "QD" steering wheel. Pro-Shift can also provide a three-six bolt adapter for rally type fixings if the car requires one. The titanium ergonomically designed finger plates are both hand span and offset adjustable for driver comfort.


This unique patented device is designed to integrate with the PS2-R's Gearshift Control Unit's Downshift Delay and Auto-Blip outputs.
The Telescopic solenoid driven Blipper operates directly on to the accelerator pedal. This provides clutchless downshifting without the need for the driver to manually blip the throttle. Used with the PS2-R electronic gearshift system it can provide variable gear specific "blips". The PS2-R's downshift "lock out" feature for every gear ensures inherent overrev protection when downshifting with the Blipper, so preventing costly engine/gearbox damage.


Designed as a compact lightweight alternative to the Telescopic Throttle Blipper for car and Superbike applications with limited available space. The Cable Blipper operates through a flexible push/pull cable that connects directly to the vehicles throttle opening wheel.